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Despite the great care to get correct information on site, mistakes can be made. The webmaster of this site is not responsible for any damage occured using this this data. We do appriciate a message, so the error can be fixed

Privacy and data

We value our privacy. On this site only data of deceased people are shown. Do you think you are on the site? Send a message a.s.a.p. and you will be removed.
Outside this site, on a local computer, data about living people are stored. Do you think you are in this data? You may ask for confirmation. You have the right to see what is stored about you, to alter this data and to remove your data. The webmaster may ask for identification.
Data will only be used to expand the family tree. Data will not be sold or given to any third party. Exception is sharing amongst family members f.i. to show family relations.

This site my use a part of your ip-adress for analytical purposes. The IP will also be used to fight spam.


This site uses functional and analytical cookies. There aren’t any marketing of targeting cookies. Therefor a cookie-notification is not needed. The site does not collect any data to point to you as a person