Akke Tigchelaar *18871911 Jacob en Jantje en kinderen Douwe, Pieter, Akke, Huite en Syds  Pieter Tigchelaar

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There are several families Tichelaar, Tiggelaar and Tigchelaar in The Netherlands. This site is about the familytree of one of those families named Tichelaar (earlier: Tigchelaar). This family has its roots in the province Friesland, The Netherlands, Europe, but now familymembers are scattered all over Holland and even to the US and Canada.

The oldes person with the name Tigchelaar is Pieter Ynzes Tigchelaar. His father remained unknown. It is not known why his mother, Lijsbert Jans Kuipers, gave him his family name Tigchelaar. Possibly because his father was a Tigchelaar, Ynze or Ynse Tigchelaar?

Our goal: to expand our familytree as far as possible and to connect to other familytrees where possible.

There has been a namechange from Tigchelaar to Tichelaar (without g). This happend while writing the birth certificate of Syds Jacobs Ti(g)chelaar on sept. 7th 1891: the civil servant wrote the wrong name on the birth certificate. Since then Syds Jacobs had the lastname Tichelaar, and so his children and so on.

We want to get into contact with:

  • persons who reconize familymembers in the familytree;
  • persons with the lastname "Ti(g)chelaar", or whose father or mother has the lastname "Ti(g)chelaar", with some information about family and/or predescestors.

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