Sierk Johannes Haitsma

Sierk married from his home in Kubaard, with Pietje, who lived until her marriage at home too. Pietje was born in Schraard. After their marriage the moved to their new home on the Skutebuorren in Tzummarum, where Sierk started his own carpenter-business. Here Peke was born. This house is gone now. Soon they moved to number 373 in Tzummarum. In this so called "Community-house" all other children were born: Fetze, Anne, Geiske, Dirkje, Jappie, Fekke en Doet. Sierk had his own business and rented some space to work in at Buorren 26. They solded the house in 1955 and moved to the house next door, number 26a, wich he built himself. On high age they moved the home for elderly people in 1994. Pietje died here in 1995, and Sierk in 1997.