Data about living persones will never be published - even if we have information. Data about deciesed persons will be published. If you feel you have a problem with this, let us know via the contactpage.
Persons will be published: after death, or 75 years after a relation, or 100 years after birth.

All data were collected as carefull as possible and is published as carefull as possible. Despite this it is possible that mistakes occur. We are not responsable for any damage or discomfort caused by this.
We do appriciate contact about this!

If you see a mistake, please let us know - we will certainly look at it and even try to correct it.

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We appriciate any information. But do not tell us anything "convidential". We can't do anything with it - the goal of this site is to publish information!

E-mail and other contact information will not be passed to anyone - ever. This will be convidential.

Do you think you are somehow in our data files, and you want to know what we have on you? Please ask for it, and I will let you know.


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