You are family?

Do you think you are related? If so, I may use your help!

Then you must know things I do not know (yet). Do you want to share this info with me? You are very welcome to do so!

I am always looking for data about living and deceased people: date and place of birth, mariage, divorce and/or deaths. These data also from partners, parents and children. Do you have certificates, cards etc. wich may prove these data? Please send a scan!

Please remember that only data of deceased people will be on the site. There is nothing about living people, not even with their permission. If you don’t want to have certain data published, please don’t tell me. I cannot do anything with it.

The same question for (old) pictures. I would love to have them! But if I cannot publish them, please don’t send them.

So, I am lokking for data, certificates, cards and pictures to publish!